The cost for residing at Cedar Park & Norway Hill AFH is a daily rate and based on the level of care required by the resident, as well as the room type: private or semi-private. A Comprehensive Nursing Assessment performed by an RN will determine the level of care and therefore the daily rates.

How this works in 3 simple steps:

Cedar ParkSTEP 1
Contact us by phone, e-mail, or complete the Level of Care form either on-line or by fax: (425) 481-1845. Email: bensterciuc@hotmail.com . We will reply with details and the range of rates and levels of care.

Schedule an in-person visit. During this no-obligation tour you will meet us, our staff, and the other residents who are in our homes.

If you like our homes, the next step is for us to meet in-person with the resident to evaluate his/her needs (level of care) and provide an accurate rate based on their level of care as assessed by an RN.


See more information about our level-of-care and services, or give us a call, send questions via e-mail or fax our form. Please call directly with any questions.


Open, fill in on your computer and e-mail our form (Word required)
Print & fax our form (pdf/Adobe Reader required)

Resident's Rights:

All Staff members will follow the Resident’s Rights, stated in the WAC Chapter 388-76 and RCW 70.128. A copy of the WAC and RCW provided upon request.

Norway Hill



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