Each of our homes is staffed 24 hour a day by Nursing Assistants with special training in Dementia and Memory Care. The Nursing Assistants Registered or Certified (NA-C or NA-R) that we hire are caring and mature and qualify to provide residents with 24/7, round-the-clock care.

We use the following criteria and state requirements for Caregivers:

  • Background check

  • First aid

  • CPR

  • Fundamentals of Caregiving

  • Nurse Delegation

  • Food handling permit

  • Tuberculosis testing

  • AIDS/HIV & infection control training

  • Ten hours of continuing education each year

  • Every staff is fully trained on-site by RN ResidentManager to meet the specific needs of your loved one.

Meet our Staff:



Ben Sterciuc, RN, BNS, MN is the Administrator and RN, Resident Manager. He has specialized in and provided geriatric care since 1992. Both he and his wife Lia are operating the two homes.

Care Professionals:

We have an agreement with Home Doctors. They are wonderful with our residents and the majority of our residents have opted to have one of them as their primary care physician. They do periodic rounds of the homes and also are available for emergency house calls! However, residents can opt to continue with their current doctor.

House Call Dentistry
Per consent of our residents and their needs, Dentists who specialize in house calls will provide dental services such as oral exams, cleaning, X-Rays, fillings, dentures repairs, etc.

Foot Care Professional
Dr. Moltin is a very experienced foot doctor who visits each home every other month, on request, to attend to the needs of our residents.

Hair Dresser
A professional, experienced, hair dresser visits each house on a weekly basis. She washes, sets, and cuts hair. Most of our lady residents are of a generation that visited the beauty shop every week, so getting this service is very important to their quality of life.

Chaplain & Spiritual Care:
Per our residents request, local chaplain will be available.


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